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Treatment Equipment

treatment of emerging contaminants in water reuse and drinking water systems

We use cutting-edge water treatment technology, including the following:

  • One 6-gpm Pilot Plant with dedicated raw water sample pump and unit processes including ozonation, coagulation, flocculation, and filtration. Online instrumentation includes pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, particle count, and dissolved ozone residual.
  • One 25-gpm Pilot Plant with ozone mass transfer processes including fine bubble diffusion, sidestream injection with degas, and sidestream injection without degas.
  • Two 6-gpm Filtration pilot plants each equipped with (3) columns with online instrumentation including turbidity, particle count, and headloss.
  • One corrosion pipe loop apparatus with online instrumentation including pH and temperature.
  • Three corrosion coupon testing apparatuses containing (3) 55-gallon corrosion tanks for testing of alternative corrosion inhibitors.
  • One Batch Ozone Testing System capable of generating dissolved ozone stock solutions with concentrations up to 80 mg/L.
  • Two Collimated Beam apparatuses equipped with either a low pressure lamp or medium pressure lamp.
  • One 12-gpm Filtration Pilot (Intuitech) equipped with (6) columns with online instrumentation including turbidity and headloss monitoring.
  • One 20-gpm Ozone Pilot (Ultura) contactor equipped with an ozone generator (Pacific Ozone).
  • Two RO membrane Pilots (GE E4H-21K-DLX) with 5-gpm permeate flow rate, 75% recovery design capacity, 2-2 Array, 12 elements.
  • Two Sepa CF membrane cell holders for bench-scale flat-sheet membrane systems (GE Osmonics).
  • Three Programmable Jar Testers (Phipps & Bird-900).