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Funded Research

The Southern Nevada Water Authority’s Research and Development team participates in dozens of studies exploring a wide range of topics.

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Project TitleGrantor/Project No.Grant YearFunded Dollars
Toxicological Impact of Perchlorate on FishDepartment of Defense/N/A2001$284,000
The Evaluation of Conventional and Advanced Treatment Processes to Remove Endocrine Disruptors and Pharmaceutically Active CompoundsAwwaRF/027582002$349,990
The Rate of Bromate Decomposition in the Human StomachCotruvo & Associates/N/A2004$65,500
Toxicological Relevance of Endocrine Disruptors and Pharmaceuticals in Drinking WaterAWWA Research Foundation/30852004$527,999
Water Aquifer Storage and RecoveryCarollo Engineers/N/A2004$22,400
Development of Indicators and Surrogates for Chemical Contamination Removal During Wastewater and Water Reuse TreatmentSub to CSM in support of WateReuse Foundation/N/A2005$70,000
Contributions of Household Chemicals to Sewage and Their Relevance to Municipal Wastewater Systems and the EnvironmentSub to CSM in support of WERF/N/A2005$81,000
Comprehensive Utility Guide for Endocrine Disruptors and Pharmaceuticals in Drinking WaterAWWA Research Foundation/30332005$85,000
Reaction Rates and Mechanisms of AOP Technologies for Water ReuseSub to North Carolina University in support of WateReuse Foundation/WRF-04-0172006$15,000
Identify the Causes of Feminization of Chinook Salmon in the Sacramento & San Joaquin River SystemUniversity of California Berkeley/N/A2006$18,000
Optimization of Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) for Water ReuseWateReuse Foundation/WRF-06-0122007$115,000
Low Dose Risks from Bromate: The Relationship Between Drinking Water Concentrations & the Actual Dose to Susceptible Organs in Rats and HumansSub to Cotruvo & Associates in support of AWWARF/40422007$50,000
Comparisons of Chemical Composition of Reclaimed & Conventional WatersWateReuse Foundation/WRF-06-0062007$294,000
Identifying Hormonally Active Compounds, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, & Personal Care Product Ingredients of Most Health Concern from their Potential Presence in Water Intended for Indirect Potable ReuseWateReuse Foundation/WRF-05-0052007$100,000
Development of Surrogates to Determine the Efficacy of Groundwater Recharge Systems for the Removal of Trace Organic ChemicalsSub to CSM in support of WateReuse Foundation/WRF-05-0042007$60,000
Fathead Minnow StudyU.S. Fish & Wildlife/84320-7-J4672007$70,000
Role of Bromamines on Disinfection By-Product Formation and Impact on Application of Chloramination and OzonationWater Research Foundation/41592008$300,000
Hypochlorite: An Assessment of Factors that Influence the Formation of Perchlorate and Other ContaminantsWITAF/7122008$185,592
Attenuation of PPCP/EDCs Through Golf Courses Using Reuse WaterSub to NCGA in support of WRF/WERF Joint Project/N/A2008$105,662
Evaluation of Analytical Methods for EDCs and PPCPs via Inter-Laboratory ComparisonsWater Research Foundation/41672009$390,511
Pilot-Scale Oxidative Technologies for Reducing Fouling Potential in Water Reuse and Drinking Water Membrane SystemsWateReuse Foundation/WRF-08-082009$200,000
Trace Organic Compounds Removal During Wastewater Treatment: Categorizing Wastewater Treatment Processes by Their Efficiency in Reduction of a Suite of Indicator Trace Organic CompoundsSub to Carollo Engineers in support of WERF/CC4R082009$199,000
Use of Ozone in Water Reclamation for Contaminant OxidationWateReuse Foundation/WRF-08-052009$225,000
Use of UV and Fluorescence Spectra as Surrogate Measures for Contaminant Oxidation and Disinfection in the Ozone/H2O2 Advanced Oxidation ProcessWateReuse Foundation/WRF-09-102010$142,725
Release of Algal Metabolites Due to Preoxidation with OzoneWater Research Foundation/44062011$200,000
Perflourinated Compound Removal by North American Water Treatment PracticesSub to CSM in support of Water Research Foundation/43222011$61,740
Data Collection for Chlorate Occurrence in On-Site Generated Hypochlorite Solutions to Support EPA Regulatory Determination 3Sub to Hazen & Sawyer in support of WITAF/2272011$30,000
Formation of Nitrosamines and Perfluorochemicals during Ozonation in Water Reuse ApplicationsWateReuse Foundation/WRF-11-082012$149,987
Comprehensive Occurrence Study of Nitrosamines at Denver WaterDenver Water, Colorado2012$50,000
Integration of Filtration and Advanced Oxidation: Development of a Membrane Liquid Phase Plasma ReactorUS EPA – Sub to Clarkson University2012$88,000
Contaminant Removal Using Membrane Distillation for Sustainable Water TreatmentUS EPA – Sub to UNR, but the PI has moved to a new school, and we are waiting for the new Subaward.2013$7,500
Water Quality and Supply Impacts from Climate-Induced Insect Tree Mortality and Resource Management in the Rocky Mountain WestNSF – Sub to CSM2013$29,846
Bromate Formation Within a Water Treatment SystemHalton, Canada2013$49,900
Controlling Nitrosamines and Other Trace Organic Contaminants Using Advanced Oxidation Processes and Biofiltration as an Alternative, Non-FAT Technology for Indirect Potable Water ReuseWateReuse RF - Sub to Hazen & Sawyer2013$99,787
Coupling UV Advanced Oxidation and Ceramic Membranes to Treat Challenging WatersUniversity of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) - Sub to UAA2014$4,500
Testing Water Quality in a Municipal Wastewater Effluent Treated to Drinking Water StandardsTexas Water Development Board - Sub to Carollo Engineers2014$33,000
Evaluation of Current and Alternative Strategies for Managing CECs in WaterWaterRF - Sub to Carollo Engineers2014$45,000
Evaluating Fate Mechanisms for Contaminants of Concern in BNR Treatment SystemsWERF2014$50,000
In Situ Treatment Train for Remediation of Perfluoroalkyl Contaminated Groundwater: In Situ Chemical Oxidation of Sorbed Contaminants (ISCO-SC)DOD SERDP - Sub to Clarkson University2014$20,000
Blending Requirements for Water from Direct Potable Reuse Treatment FacilitiesWaterRF - Sub to Carollo Engineers2014$186, 376
Administrative Support for the International Ozone Association Pan American GroupIOA-PAG2014$50,000
Simultaneous Removal of Multiple Chemical Contaminants using BiofiltrationWaterRF2014$202,481
GAC Control of Regulated and Emerging DBPs of Health ConcernWaterRF – Sub to Hazen & Sawyer2014$80,000
Major Sources of Nitrosamine Precursors from Raw Waters and Distribution SystemsWaterRF2014$125,000
Effect of Ozone Dissolution Methods on Bromate Formation, Disinfection Credit, and Operating CostWaterRF2014$230,000
Total Project Funding 2001-2014$5,766,180