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Treatment of Endocrine-Disruptors, Pharmaceuticals, and Personal Care Products (24)

A QSAR-like analysis of the adsorption of endocrine disrupting compounds, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products on modified activated carbons
Adsorption of H-3-labeled 17β-estradiol on powdered activated carbon
An evaluation of a pilot-scale nonthermal plasma advanced oxidation process for trace organic compound degradation
Application of a novel plasma-based advanced oxidation process for efficient and cost-effective destruction of refractory organics in tertiary effluents and contaminated groundwater
Effect of ozone exposure on the oxidation of trace organic contaminants in wastewater
Effect of Ozone Oxidation on the Molecular and Kinetic Properties of Effluent Organic Matter
Effects of ozone and ozone/peroxide on trace organic contaminants and NDMA in drinking water and water reuse applications
Evaluation of a photocatalytic reactor membrane pilot system for the removal of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting compounds from water
Evaluation of enhanced coagulation pretreatment to improve ozone oxidation efficiency in wastewater
Evaluation of UV/H2O2 treatment for the oxidation of pharmaceuticals in wastewater
Fate of Endocrine-Disruptor, Pharmaceutical, and Personal Care Product Chemicals during Simulated Drinking Water Treatment Processes
HPLC-fluorescence detection and adsorption of bisphenol A, 17β-estradiol, and 17α-ethynyl estradiol on powdered activated carbon
Nanofiltration and ultrafiltration of endocrine disrupting compounds, pharmaceuticals and personal care products
Ozonation and advanced oxidation treatment of emerging organic pollutants in water and wastewater
Ozone disinfection with the HiPOX (TM) reactor: streamlining an “old technology” for wastewater reuse
Ozone oxidation of desalinated seawater, with respect to optimized control of boron and bromate
Ozone Oxidation of Endocrine Disruptors and Pharmaceuticals in Surface Water and Wastewater
Removal of 17β-estradiol and fluoranthene by nanofiltration and ultrafiltration
Removal of emerging contaminants of concern by alternative adsorbents
Removal of endocrine disrupting compounds and pharmaceuticals by nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membranes
Role of membranes and activated carbon in the removal of endocrine disruptors and pharmaceuticals
The Effects of Solids Retention Time in Full-Scale Activated Sludge Basins on Trace Organic Contaminant Concentrations
Transformation of 1H-benzotriazole by Ozone in Aqueous Solution
Treatment of Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances in U.S. Full-scale Water Treatment Systems

Analytical Methods (21)

Analysis of bromate and bromide in blood
Analysis of Endocrine Disruptors, Pharmaceuticals, and Personal Care Products in Water using Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Analysis of formaldehyde formation in wastewater using on-fiber derivatization-solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Analysis of p-chlorobenzoic acid in water by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Analysis of Pharmaceuticals in Water by Isotope Dilution Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Assessment of Sample Preservation Techniques for Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products, and Steroids in Surface and Drinking Water
Broad Range Analysis of Endocrine Disruptors and Pharmaceuticals using Gas Chromatography and Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Characterization of fulvic acids by liquid chromatography-quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Characterization of the polarity of natural organic matter under ambient conditions by the polarity rapid assessment method (PRAM)
Determination of an unknown system contaminant using LC/MS/MS
Determination of household chemicals using gas chromatography and liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry
Identification and quantification of estrogen receptor agonists in wastewater effluents
Identification and quantitation method for nonylphenol and lower oligomer nonylphenol ethoxylates in fish tissues
In vivo bioassay-guided fractionation of marine sediment extracts from the Southern California Bight, USA, for estrogenic activity
On-line solid phase extraction LC-MS/MS analysis of pharmaceutical indicators in water: A green alternative to conventional methods
Operator-Friendly Technique and Quality Control Consideration for Indigo Colorimetric Measurement of Ozone Residual
Rapid analysis of perchlorate, chlorate and bromate ions in concentrated sodium hypochlorite solutions
Real-time Detection and Identification of Aqueous Chlorine Transformation Products Using QTOF MS
Results of an Interlaboratory Comparison of Analytical Methods for Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Water
Trace Analysis of Bromate, Chlorate, Iodate, and Perchlorate in Natural and Bottled Waters
Use of Automated Solid-Phase Extraction and GC-MS/MS to Evaluate Nitrosamines in Water Matrices

Occurrence of EDCs and PPCPs (16)
Biological Treatment (10)
Disinfection Byproducts (9)
Surrogates and Indicators for Micropollutant Oxidation (7)
Other (15)